Following the local authority’s announcement St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral is now open for public worship adhering to government guidelines. Mass at the Cathedral on Sunday is at 11am.


The Cathedral was commissioned by Queen Adelaide during a visit to Malta in the 19th Century when she found out that there was no place of Anglican worship on the island. Prior to this Anglican services were held in a room in the Grand Master’s Palace. Built on the site of the Auberge d’Allemagne, the cathedral was designed by William Scamp and was built between 1839 and 1844. Queen Adelaide laid the foundation stone on 20 March 1839 and her banner hangs above the choir stalls. The original plans were designed by Richard Lankasheer however the building proved unstable thus work had to resume on plans by Scamp in 1841. Scamp’s designs located the altar on the west side of the church however the Bishop of Gibraltar had a more conservative view, thus the designs were altered and Scamp designed an apse inside the great doors to hold the sanctuary on the east side.


Our Cathedral today is a place of quiet and the sharing of values in which you can escape from the busy life outside to simply reflect or worship. Services are attended by people of many nations who are visiting Malta. That is one of the joys I have of being Canon here. St Paul’s is a place for all. Of course, this church has its own history, some periods of which have been momentous in a world context. Throughout that time, St Paul’s has served the community around it and stands as a place of memory to honour those who sacrificed their lives for a better today. It is also very much a living church touching the lives of its parishioners from birth onwards and making its very own contribution to the cultural life of the island through its choral concerts and organ recitals. Please do visit us and discover for yourself how an Anglican church with its own distinctive spire, the idea of an English Queen of German origin and designed by a naval architect, became an instantly recognised part of the famous Valletta skyline.

Simon Godfrey



  • Chancellor: The Reverend Canon Simon Godfrey
  • Reader: Mr Michael Collins
  • Church Wardens: Mrs Bernice Caruana, Mr Simon Walker
  • Chaplaincy Council Secretary: Mrs Barbara Day
  • Chaplaincy Treasurer: Mrs Bernice Caruana
  • Cathedral Friends Secretary: Mr Simon Walker


The Cathedral is open from 9am to 5pm weekdays and 10am to 3pm Saturdays (some days opens and closes earlier). It is to be visited as a quiet place for prayer and contemplation as well as a place of community activity and worship.